The Butchery.

The Butchery is the heart of the business and where it all started. The Butchery Team of Master Butchers includes Chris, Dave, Micheal, Tom and our latest recruit Kerry. We pride ourselves on the quality of meet that we supply, we ensure the livestock is well looked after whilst it’s in the fields, only the highest welfare standards will do with 100% traceability, once back at the Butchery Department the carcases are handled with the same level of skill and respect, all of this results in superb meat that you can trust and tastes fabulous. The benefit of a Master Butchery Team is that you can have any cut of meat you desire, everything is butchered from full carcasses. They are also able to give cooking tips and menu suggestions.

The beef we pride ourselves on is Angus Cross Limi or Hereford and always from heifers matured slowly out at grass for a minimum of 2 years. Our demand currently outstrips supply so we work with a few other local farmers who produce quality beef, using the same breeds and same husbandry standards and practicies that we do, ensuring a qulaity product throughout the year. The lamb is mainly Texel cross Beltex mainly from our own flock, when not from our flock we work with farmer Steven Crabtree at Bolton Abbey. Our Free Range Pork is supplied by Farmer Mr Pearcy near Tadcaster and you will see some rare breads on our farm which also go through the butchery counter.

Game depending on season is either from the farm or other local  shoots, the venison is all from Round Green Venison Farm. Our Chickens actually taste of chicken which is novel in this day and age, we supply both barn reared and free range both from Soanes another Yorkshire Farmer. The Butchery Team make all the sausages on site using natural skins, quality cuts of pork, the result is Award Winning Sausages. The Ginger Chilli & Lime is a must, but don’t forget the Pork & Black Pudding, in fact they are all great. The Butchers also make their own Black Pudding, Mucky Fat (like it used to be), Scotch Eggs, Cooked Meats, Fantastic Dry Cured Bacon, lots of ready prepared dishes for you just to pop in the oven, wok, slow cooker etc, all saving you time! and tasting great.