There are many questions that are frequently asked. Here we have tried to answer the most asked questions. If however your question is not answered, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01977 600200.

Upon entry to the maze there is a video breifing, here we show you how to signal to one of the Corn Rangers if you need assistance. The Corn Rangers are situated on the bridge which enables them to see the whole maze and you. If you need help wave your flag and they will come and get you.

To date, the record stands at 48 mins but that involved team work and strategy, let us know if you beat the record.

The maze itself on average takes 90 mins, then you can speand the rest of the day using all the other fun park amenities and pop over to the farm shop & Moo Cafe and then back into the Fun Park, thanks to the wrist band. Most people spend 3 to 6 hours.

All ages will get something from a day at Farmer Copleys & Copleys Corn Maze. The under three’s get in free, and love the jumping pillow, the finger fortune maze, hot dots, Corn Maze Slide, Farm Animals and just the space that comes with the farm. The 3 to 7 years enjoy everything to the max, including the bale mountain and tyre mountain, not to forget the peddle carts. In the maze there is the rubbings and word game. Older children upwards enjoy all the above plus the word find game and for techno’s there is the QR Game. Parents and Grandparents enjoy the children been happy and love going on the Jumping Pillow!!!

The site is fine for childrens buggies and on dry days wheelchairs went around last year with no problems. There is disabled parking near the entrance and access to the farm shop and Moo Cafe is all wheel friendly.

We are really lucky to have such free draining soil, when other Maize Maze’s are closed we have to date always been open. Our soil is very light and sandy and thus the water drains straight through, so even when it’s raining, it’s still fun at Copley’s Corn Maze. We do suggest no high heals, because it is a field after all!

Once the Maize has reached it’s full height, it switches its efforts into producing cobs, which form a third to half way up the plant depending on variety. The cobs are covered by green leaves called sheaths and the hairy bit at the end is called the ‘silk’!

July time the crop will be adult waist height, you will be able to see the gaming stations and your children, however it will not be any easier to find your way in and out, so be sure to get you Maize-O-Vision Glasses. In Farmer Cobs opinion this is the perfect time for first timers or those with young children. HOWEVER THIS YEAR ITS SUPER TALL… 6FT AT OPENING. USE THE FLAGS!

The maize crop is a tropical crop, planted in the UK in May. It reaches it’s maximum height at the end of August which is anywhere from 5 to 8 feet tall. Currently on average 8 ft tall – you will get lost, very lost!