Corn Maze NOW OPEN until 4th September

Farm Shop & Moo Cafe Open 7 Days A Week

Join Jo Jingles the 22nd & 27th July, then 4th & 9th August.

The ground has been ploughed the crop is growing we just need the summer to arrive! The design has also been picked and cut out, A Mad Hatter, from Alice in Wonderland! We’re All Mad Here!

The Game Sheet has 3 different games, the word search, find the stations with the answers hidden in the maze, then there’s the rubbings game, this is great for younger children, the secret scifer which gives you the chance to win an I Pod at the end of the season.

‘No need to book, just turn, park in the field, make your way to the fun park and get lost!’

2011 theme was Buttercup the Cow, 2012 theme was Tractors & Trotters. Last year we have looked to our pumpkins with Spookley & Friend’s and this year we have let Mrs Copley choose the design – random but fun, a bit like her!

Admission Fees – See Opening Times

The Fun Park is 10 acres in size which is massive (you could fit 8 full size football pitches or 2700 cars in 10 acres)  7 Acres is the actual corn maze. The Maize grows to 8 ft tall, starting lower (5 to 6 ft in July) then growing to it’s optimum and forming cobs also known as sweetcorn in late August. We have two maze’s within our site the large design which should take about 60 to 120 mins, and a finger fortune maze for our younger clients and beginners to practice on before entering the large maze, and a Tag Spookley Maze Game, Hope Dots and a Bale Maze in the main Fun Park.  On your way into the large maze you will be briefed prior to entry and provided with your game sheets and crayon, you will need this for the rubbings clue finding game.

barrelrideFor those of you who get lost please rest assured that we have our Corn Rangers within the maze and posted at the bridges to assist you. For those of you that are unable to use the bridges there access paths around the bridges.

The Corn Cafe is located so that you will come across it whilst in the Maze itself, so take a breather and have break at the Corn Cafe.

The interactive gaminig sheet has a really fun trail game with questions based around Great British farming, and a second game where you collect the rubbings which are hidden throughout. Once you have the secret code word you can leave the maze and enter the tear off part of the game sheet into the prize draw box to win an i-pod. There is also a QR Code game which takes you around the fun park and farm, you can download the app on site,plus Tag Spookley and Slack Linning, very on trend!

Experience the corn maze with your family and friends.

It’s a special in the corn maze with your family. Quality time together comes from shared experience. The maze is the ultimate experience because you and you family are LOST! You work through the challenge to escape together and savor the victory when you emerge victorious.

Experience the corn maze with your group.

It’s a special experience in the corn maze with your group. Group rates are available for pre-scheduled groups of twenty or more. Bring your scouting troop, school class, youth group, or corporate group to the Copleys Corn Maze & Fun Park! Our mazes – and many of our other fun park activites – makes great group outings. Groups are challenged to work together to solve a puzzle and mystery that’s much bigger than any one person.

Members interact, make group decisions, succeed and fail together as they progress through the pathways. Your adventure can be a competition or collaborative effort, but it will always be exciting. Copleys Corn Maze focuses on education through entertainment. Inside our mazes groups are involved in three major types of learning experiences: Teamwork, Navigation, andAgriculture.

Designed For Copleys Corn Maze By A Lovely Gentleman Fondly Know As ‘Designer Dave’. Designer Dave lives and works in Pennsylvania, USA but is originally Yorkshire Born & Bred from a little place known as Cleethorpes, it’s a small world!

If You Would Like To Private Hire The Maze Please Ring Robert ‘The Maze Master’.