Fun Park Activities

All the activities are chosen and built for use by everybody, children and adults, so ensure you try everything and don’t be embarrassed, we know all the adults are really desperate to have a go! And they are all included in the admission price.

JumpforJoyJumping Pillow

This has to be the most fun ever! It’s bold, it’s bright and it’s stripped. A great big pillow filled with air! It’s the largest jumping pillow available in the UK, 50ft x 30ft and 4½ ft tall in the middle! We first came across jumping pillows at Cherry Crest Farms in Lancaster County PA, at which point, once we’d all stopped laughing, we decided we had to get one.

barrelride-1Mini Wagon Ride

Climb aboard the mini wagon ride and drive through the maize pulled by our quad bike, great for children of all ages. Interesting fact about this barrel ride is that it was made by the Amish – another first for the UK.

Bale Mountain

The simplest of activities yet one of the most popular, a huge pile of D1000 bales in a pyramid shape which children climb up, down, run around, play hide and seek, using their imaginations and having a ball.

Tyre Mountain 

Tyre Mountain is similar in design to Bale Mountain, made from super-sized construction tyres, piled high and then filled with sand to make them stable and topped with innovative child friendly rubber bark – Jungle Bark, avoiding children getting sandy or damp!

newgenSponsored by NEWGEN, committed to recycling. Dedicated to our Environment.

Copley’s Corn Maze Slide 

You will be able to see the slide on site before you see anything else. The slide is 25ft high at the platform, emblazoned with Farmer Cob, Corn and Pumpkins. You can climb up and slide down as many times as you like or you can stop before you’re worn out. Once you’ve raised your heart rate, treat yourself at the Corn Café to a well earned Latte or Ice Cream.

Dino Carts

These are serious Pedal Carts, adjust the seat to fit your leg length then off you go, Dads can race their children or you could try endurance!

corncafeCorn Café

The Corn Café provides proper coffee the same as we are famous for in MOO Café. The menu includes freshly cooked burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, popcorn, scones with clotted cream and homemade jam. Alternatively the wrist band you get at admissions will allow you to wander over to MOO Café and have lunch, see the animals (in the small open farm) and pop back into the Maze and fun park later, with no hassle. See we’ve thought of most things! We also have the ice cream van, with Birchfield Dairies Homemade Jersey ice cream.

Copley’s Corn Maze NEW Design 2015

cornmaizeDesign is yet to be announced however it has been chosen by Harry our youngest son so we will just have to wait and see! The interactive game sheets ensure there is plenty to do for all, rubbings for younger children, clue collection for other children and adults, and a QR game for you techno’s. 

Be sure to get your Maze-o-Vision glasses though; they will make life a lot easier. They are available at admissions. 

Safety – we have a video briefing upon entry to the maize, Corn Rangers in the maize itself, and flags for people walking through the maize.

Jo Jingles 2015

Dates to be announced.

Jo Jingels will be hosting classes, so please bring along your little ones for even more amazing fun down on the farm.