The Maze

The 2015 design is yet to be announced! – Harry has chosen it at again so we will have to wait and see. You will be given a gaming sheet upon entry to the maize, with the Maze-o-Vision map on the back (don’t forget your glasses!), a crayon for rubbings and you receive a pen with your glasses. 

Listen to the video briefing and then off you go into the maize. You can access the Café ½ way through for refreshments and we also have an emergency exit.

CornDesign20112011 design Buttercup, 2014 was a gigantic T REX!, 2015 is yet to be announced!

This Maze design with gaming sheets has to be one of the best in the UK, if not the best. So come and judge for yourself. Allow up to 2 hours to complete the Maze, record to date is 45 mins!

The gaming stations are littered throughout the maize and there are a lot so it helps keep everybody interested and enthused to find the next station. Happy Hunting!