Farmer Copleys The Story So Far
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Farmer Copleys is based at Ravensknowle Farm, Purston Jaglin, Pontefract. The farm has been in the Copley family for over 140 years. It started as a dairy farm, then changed to arable and since

From Farm to Farm Experience

Opening the farm shop, moo cafe, beast functions and events on the farm has enabled it to stay in the Copley family, as it was too small to support a family in today’s modern agricultural industry. The development of Farmer Copleys has created a wonderful platform to showcase British Agriculture to the community, get people engaged with the countryside, where their food comes from and how it is produced.

Now in Season – PYO Raspberries & PYO Sunflowers Home-Grown

Home-grown Raspberries & Gooseberries, picked fresh every morning, available in the Farm Shop. In the Deli as sweet treats (really good), in Moo Café as the daily special, try the White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecake – simply delightful! NEW this week is our Homemade Gelato, made using milk from Mr Durnly’s Cows at Huddersfiled, British Sugar (from Sugar Beet grown and processed in the UK) and Italian Methodology = fantastic Gelato, 22 Flavours to try, 1/2 the fat of ice cream…. so you can have twice as much?!?!

Our Values

Our values: Friendly, Cheeky, Trusted, Welcoming and above all else Honest. These values are core to the Copley family, the team and what the business is all about. They run through all aspects from been employed, marketing, the menu’s in Moo, the style of events we host, displays in the farm shop and the companies we work with, the most important being honesty.

Farmer Copleys strongly believes that British Agriculture is the best in the world, sustainability is the only way forward and that we are here to look after the countryside for future generations. Providing quality local, home and seasonally produced foods in a sustainable manner with respect for the environment.

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