Christmas Trees

Farm Fresh Christmas Trees

From 29th November to 23rd December 2018

From 8:30am - 5:00pm

At Farmer Copleys

Why Chooses a Farm Fresh Christmas Tree?


A number of reasons, they scent is fantastic they make the house smell of Christmas coupled with the meaningful impact of a real tree. They look fabulous and really set your Christmas decorations off. Farm Fresh Trees are better for the environment and often your health, they are a renewable source, can be recycled as mulch, compost, or a wildlife shelter – they make fabulous Bug Hotels!

Farm Fresh Trees are as their title suggests, farmed often on marginal land (thus they do not contribute to deforestation) and also absorb CO2 whilst growing. They key from an environmental stand point is to avoid the tree going into landfill in the New Year, so utilise the Prince of Wales Hospice Tree recycling service, celebrate Christmas in style and do your bit for the environment – win win.


Which tree should I pick, Nordmann, Norway Spruce or Fraser?


The Norway Spruce is the traditional one we remember from our childhood (actually dates bate to Victorian times), with the needles that got stuck in the carpet and your knees whilst getting presents out from under the tree on Christmas morning. However, there is still a place for the lovely spruce, if you are having a tree outside your house or in the garden this is the tree for you, decorated with simple lights – perfection. If you would like one for the house then make sure it is a growing tree, with all its roots in the pot, this way it is living and thus needle drop will be reduced. Then keep outside for the following Christmas or plant in the Spring in the garden.


The Nordmann Fir, is the most popular real Christmas tree today, a non drop tree, with long stunning glossy soft dark green needles, strong branches in a traditional shape, which will last through into the New Year if kept in a tree stand which holds water and is maintained (with water). The average tree is 8 to 10 years old


Fraser Fir

This is Mrs Copleys favourite! More compact/narrow bottom circumference but full tree but nice a tall. A similar shape to the Norway Spruce but doesn’t drop its needles,  The most fragrant tree with the balsam scent  than the Nordmann. The needles are dark green with a silver ting on the underside, plenty of space for lights and decorations to be evenly spaced from top to bottom.


How Should I Look After My Tree?


After selection we would recommend keeping the tree netted outside or in your garage until you are ready to pop it up. Remove the net from the base of the tree so the trunk is visible – leave the net on the rest. Take the tree into the house, place in the stand, straighten and tighten the stand, once you are happy that the tree is secure and straight, add fresh water to the stand and then remove the rest of the net by carefully pulling it up over the top of the tree. Some needles will drop at this stage due to handling, hoover or swept them up. Next check your lights work before putting them on the tree, keep relatively well pushed into the tree which allows room for the decorations, sit back and admire your handy work.

However at the end of the day it’s all down to personal preference and there’s nobody more fussy about their tree than Mrs C! So call down to the farm, have a look through all the trees and let the boys (Jacob & Harry) ‘Walk the trees’ for you The Original Farmer Copley will also be there supervising! More like telling the tale. This weekend (30th/1st/2nd December) we are offering a free mug of hot mulled cider whilst you choose your tree, ‘it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.’



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