PYO Strawberry Experience 2019

From 12th June to 14th July 2019

From 10:00am - 4:00pm

At Strawberry Fields

Our PYO strawberries has finished for 2019, thank you to everyone who came and picked their own, we hope you enjoyed it!! We still have plenty of Raspberries & Gooseberries to be picked, so the PYO party doesn’t stop!

‘Eating a Strawberry Straight Off the Plant…The Most Divine Taste Ever!’

A memory will be created that will stay with you for ever, the smell and the taste every year will transport you back to the first strawberry picked and eaten direct from the field, nothing better.

Our PYO Strawberries is officially OPEN!!! There’s no need to book and we don’t charge an entry fee or to park!

Follow the arrows up the strawberry path from the duck shed right up to the top of the field where you will be greeted with a field of red, juicy, delicious strawberries! The first few days might take a little bit of searching, but once the sun is back out thousands will be ready and ripe for picking!

The Farm Shop will be packed with fresh strawberries, field to fork strawberry jam made in store (it smells amazing), strawberry desserts, cakes, fudge, drinks, juices, anything else we can think of, there won’t be a pork and strawberry sausage though, but the butchery will be ready with all your savoury items, hopefully for a BBQ or two! Don’t forget the cream either!

Moo Café will be celebrating the strawberry in its desserts and cakes, salads, drinks, juices, cocktails and Pimms. So in short if you like strawberries, Farmer Copleys is the place to visit this summer…



£6.99 per kilogram

£12.99 for our huge bucket!

£6.50 per kilogram if you bring your own container (we like to reduce plastic use and waste!)

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